Kevin McCauley, “The Healthy Omnivore,” is the Senior Editor of The Get Healthy Hub.  He has been working as a professional in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 25 years.

His primary purpose for creating “The Get Healthy Hub” is his passion for optimal health; helping people become, and stay healthy.

Another great motivation for Kevin to develop a website like “The Get Healthy Hub” is his observation that more and more people are giving up on their health. Being disenchanted with the “experts” within the health and fitness field has also been a great motivation in making himself available to as many people as possible.

the healthy omnivorePrior to what has been common thought, Kevin believes for most people it is human nature to be healthy as we have the innate ability as human beings to be at a high level of well-being for a long long time. This innate ability does not need to be aided by drugs and supplements, or some sort of “secret” or “trick.” Disease, our primary downfall, is now caused by lifestyle choices, not genetics.

From Kevin’s studies it is clear to him that there are numerous civilizations in the past that have lived a high quality of life for a long long time. And that is what “The Get Healthy Hub” is all about, helping you, help yourself with what works; real food, proper movement and an improved lifestyle. Welcome to real health care!

Kevin has a BS in Corporate Fitness, an MA in Counseling and an additional year of Graduate Study in Biomechanics. He has been certified by numerous health and fitness certification agencies and attained over a dozen certifications. These certifications cover a broad area of specializations, like: personal training, weight management, clinical exercise and nutrition.

Kevin lives in southern California with his wife and four adopted cats. He loves to travel, read and shop for the best quality foods he can find.

If you have any questions or suggestions for “The Healthy Omnivore” please contact Kevin at: CONTACT KEVIN AT “THE GET HEALTHY HUB”

Also, if you have any interest in attaining optimal health by working with your very own on-line “health care expert” (Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach) visit Kevin, “The Healthy Omnivore” at the SELF HEALTH CARE CLUB!

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