Do You Know How And Where To Find The Best Food Available?

Well, do you?

If you are interested in attaining optimal health, you will want to know how and where to find the best food available in your area.

You see, the quality of your health is directly related to the quality of food you put in your body.

How are you doing?

We believe that you should make every effort to find and consume the highest quality foods possible.

What does that mean exactly?

Well… local, sustainable, organic, and even seasonal if at all possible.

TRUST ME it is worth the effort.

Here is a page that will enable you to find the best food available in your area (for best results, check out each link):

Do You Know How And Where To Find The Best Food Available

Do You Know Where And How To Find The Best Food Available?

Do You Know Where And How To Find The Best Food Available? Well, now you do!

Real Food comes from soil that is fertile, or animals that are consuming grass from that same fertile soil.  It is really quite that simple. So, why “real food”?

  1. Locally-Grown
  2. Extremely Fresh
  3. Supporting Small Farmers

Are there any other reasons to consume “real food”?

  • Preserve Natural Resources
  • Develop and Maintain Important Social (urban/rural) Ties
  • Farmland Preservation
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Health of the Animals

So specifically, what does that mean for us?

  1. The FERTILE soil is maintained and improved
  2. The availability and quality of the water is protected and ENHANCED
  3. Our biodiversity is PROTECTED
  4. ALL workers in the sustainable food system have livable incomes
  5. The food is not only affordable but it PROMOTES optimal health
  6. Sustainable businesses are businesses that CAN thrive
  7. The flow of energy and discharge of wasted ARE within the capacity of the earth to absorb forever

What are some names for these “real foods”?

  • Sustainable
  • Bio-dynamic
  • Beyond Organic
  • Certified Organic
  • Organic
  • Natural

Unfortunately, every marketer worth their salt has made sure that whenever possible, their “food” product is going to be labeled with one of these descriptions.  In most cases, these food descriptions mean absolutely NOTHING!  And even more unfortunate, our government isn’t stopping this practice.  Big Corporate Money talks and OUR Health walks!  Sorry. Finding these high-quality real foods may be difficult, but it is NOT impossible, and it is worth your while.  Here are some tools to better help you find the foods that will help you attain optimal health.

  • Interested in finding food in your area, including farms, stores and other outlets:  EAT WELL GUIDE
  • Interested in grocery stores, Co-ops, Farmers Markets and even Community Supported Agriculture:   LOCAL HARVEST
  • Interested in consuming grass-fed animals and reaping the benefits that comes with it:   EAT WILD
  • Interested in raw dairy from grass-fed cows and goats, and everything other product that might come from raw dairy:   REAL MILK
  • Interested in seafood, what to buy or avoid, what choices are best for us and the ocean:  SEAFOOD WATCH
  • Interested in knowing where your food comes from including farmers markets, farm stands and restaurants:  REAL TIME FARMS
  • Interested in knowing how food gets from the farm to your table; including ecological and ethical concerns:  SUSTAINABLE TABLE

In all cases, or whenever possible, get to know the producers of your food source.  If that is impossible, start asking questions where you are purchasing your food.  If the quality of the food is not meeting your new standard ask the manager to do better, if they refuse, take your business elsewhere.  If you don’t speak with your wallet this problem will NEVER be rectified. In becoming “The Healthy Omnivore” you must eat as the healthy omnivore would.   How is that?  By predominately eating the highest quality real foods.  Can that be a challenge?  Sure, it can be.  But, isn’t your health worth it?

You can find the entire article HERE

I cannot stress to you enough in the importance in putting the best foods possible in your home.

You see the rising costs of healthcare?  Guess why… you guessed it, we devalued the impact of high quality food on our health.

And now we are paying the price!  LITERALLY.

It doesn’t have to be that way, if you, your family, or anyone you know is in need of getting healthy and staying healthy, I encourage you to check out our online health club.   This  membership site is affordable and easy to navigate, as it is primarily short videos brought to you via e-mail and computer.

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Get Healthy Tip #2: The Impact Of The Technology Era On Proper Nutrition

As you remember, the formula for attaining optimal health is as follows:


Now, what you may not know is that “proper nutrition” MUST be priority number one. As in IT IS #1!

Why? Because without getting high marks on your nutritional regimen optimal health is unattainable.

So here I have the opportunity to speak to you as your nutritionist. Today we discuss the challenge of the technology era and it’s impact on real food.

The second “Health Tip” from THE GET HEALTHY CLUB will help you better understand proper nutrition, which is priority number one when it comes to “getting well” and “staying well.”

Take a look:


So, there you have it, “Health Tip #2″!

Now that you understand the three components of attaining optimal health we will begin to break down each one into smaller and more digestible pieces. This week we learned a basic concept about proper nutrition.

Remember, the “formula” for achieving optimal health might be simple, but the “process” is NOT exactly easy!

But, what else could be more important?

Please come back weekly so you won’t miss any of the “Get Healthy Tips” at “The Get Healthy Club.”

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Michael Pollan And His Take On GMO’s!

When it comes to putting the most health food on your table, it is getting really difficult to determine “fact” from “fiction.”

So, let’s spend some time and a few posts in developing a better understanding of the challenges that Genetically Modified Organisms have on our health and our future!

I recently came across a short little video on Michael Pollan and his take on GMO’s.  And,  though the entire video is less than five minutes, I plead with you to at LEAST watch the last minute.

Here is a short little Resume for Michael Pollan:

Author, Journalist, Activist

Professor at UC Berkeley

Author of:  “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” “In Defense Of Food,” and “Food Rules.”

Let’s here what Mr. Pollan has to say about GMO’s and our food supply.

Michael Pollan And His Take On GMO’s!

I hope you “really” listened to what Michael Pollan had to say.  This issue is NOT only impacting your world, but the world of all of those who come after us.

Here is some more information on Genetically Modified Organisms and their impact on your health, your planet, and your future (you can also find some excellent information on the impact of GMO’s on the political and profit making landscape):

The Center For Food Safety

Food Democracy Now

Institute For Responsible Technology

What did you think of “Michael Pollan And His Take On GMO’s“?

Any questions or comments?

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Top Three Optimal Health Videos!

There are a number of excellent documentaries/mockumentaries on the market right now that can be of great benefit to anyone interested in attaining optimal health by prioritizing food.

Here is my short list (top three optimal health videos):

1.  Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead.

2.  Food, Inc.

3.  Ingredients

Top Three Optimal Health Videos

Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead

For anyone, I mean anyone, that says that degenerative disease CANNOT be reversed.  I have three words for you:  WRONG.  WRONG.  WRONG!

I am personally not recommending a life of juicing, but I an suggesting that you if your health is failing you need to take a good look at the impact of a poor diet on your health.

If you do get a chance to view this video in its entirety, please the note the use of Western Medicine Medical Doctors.  I know… MINOR MIRACLE!

Let’s move on…

Food, Inc.

When you watch this video you will be alarmed to find that our inadequate food system is a “for profit” at all costs operation and not a “for health” system that prioritizes the health of it’s customers.

Not only will you find that there is far too much politics going on in the decision making of what is ending up in your refrigerator, freezer, and on your dinner table, but you will learn some ways to combat that ongoing challenge.

Some of the best in the business give their two cents… but to you, it could be worth millions!


You know once we started spending less on food we started paying more for healthcare, right?

You know once we allowed the subsidizing of cheap food we developed an avalanche of Obesity, Type II Diabetes, and Heart Disease, right?

You can obviously see that paying LESS for food and paying MORE for healthcare isn’t improving the quality of our lives, correct?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!  This video might just give you some ideas on how to deal with the ever growing challenge of fast, convenience, and altered foods being so prevalent in your life!

If you have ever wondered about the slow food movement, farmers markets, sustainable food, shopping local, or even restaurants that only serve organic and seasonal foods, “Ingredients” is for you!

There you have it, a “Top Three Optimal Health Videos” post that will hopefully give you that much needed inspiration to start making the changes needed to start moving towards optimal health.

I am not kidding!  If you live in the United States are not valuing the quality of food you put in your body, you know exactly why the healthcare system is broken.  We create poor health with a horrific nutritional regimen and then manage the disease with drugs and procedure.


That is not going to work!

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Your Health Is Directly Related To The Quality Of Food You Consume!

So, do you believe it?  Because if you do NOT believe your health is directly related to the quality of the food you consume, then Big Pharma and Big Health Insurance LOVE YOU!

There is so much PROFIT to be made while selling low-quality food and having people be sick and stay sick that it is pretty nauseating!

And, to make things worse, in the big scheme of things there are just not enough people getting the word out.

Well, here at “The Get Healthy Hub” you will be hearing about it AND hearing about it often.

Your health CANNOT be of a higher quality than the food you are consuming.”-Kevin McCauley, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, And Lifestyle Coach at “The Get Healthy Club”

If you have been following for any period of time, you know that I am a huge fan of Netflix and watching any documentary that has to do with our health and our food source.

So here is another video that I highly recommend.  Have you seen “Food Inc.”?  Have you heard of Michael Pollan?  What about Joel Salatin?  Alice Waters?

If not, you should… and here is your chance:

Your Health Is Directly Related To The Quality Of Food You Consume

Seriously, if we were duped by “Big Tobacco” before  would you be surprised if we were being duped by “Big Food” today?

If you have a chance, get a hold of “Food Inc.” because your health is directly related to the quality of food you consume!

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Top Ten Food Trends For 2012

Most people like lists, I guess I am no different.

So let’s have some fun!

Below is the “Top Ten Food Trends For 2012” video created by

“The Get Healthy Hub” will also give their top ten trends as well.  Please take a look, as I will also give another wonderful documentary recommendation!

So here is the FoodChannel video:

Top Ten Food Trends For 2012

Since we are in the middle of 2012, some of my list is going to be under the “most hopeful” category, but that is okay, what is life without hope?

Here are The Get Healthy Hub’s Top Ten Food Trends for 2012:

1.  More people are shopping for their food LOCALLY vs. globally.

2.  More people are valuing SLOW food over fast food.

3.  More people are asking themselves how FARM animals are actually treated.

4.  Parents start creating opportunities for their CHILDREN to understand where high quality food actually comes from.

5.  More RESTAURANTS only serve local, organic (sustainable), and seasonal foods.

6.  More people begin to think of the impact the foods they consume have on the SUSTAINABILITY of their planet.

7.  More people begin to CHALLENGE the companies behind big food and big agriculture.

8.  More people begin to treat SMALL FARMERS like rock stars.

9.  FARMERS MARKETS actually become cool, hip, and the thing to be doing.


10.  EVERYBODY begins to understand that the quality of the fuel they put in their body is DIRECTLY related to their short and long term health!

So, what do you think of these two lists?  Any thoughts?

Please share these lists with your friends and loved ones.

A good part of my list was inspired by the documentary “Ingredients.”  I more than recommend it, and once again, you really need to watch the additional scenes within the bonus features.  Very educational!  Two Thumbs Up!!!


Our Children And Our Future Vs. Genetically Modified Foods And Monsanto

If you have followed “The Get Healthy Hub” for any amount of time then you know we are all about high quality foods coming from sustainable agriculture.

We believe that these foods are a necessity when attaining optimal health.

You know though… the decline of our health is not the only thing that will diminish with the rise of Genetically Modified Foods and Conventional Farming techniques.

Our Children And Our Future Vs. Genetically Modified Foods And Monsanto

The challenge with a poor food source is far reaching, yes, far beyond the decline in our health.

A sustainable food source from small family farms gives us the best opportunity to ALWAYS eat food that is seasonal, local, and organic.  To put it simply… it is just plain better for you, me, the environment, the planet… the CHILDREN.

Yes… the FUTURE!

Take a look at the short video below and tell me what you think:

Our Children And Our Future Vs. Genetically Modified Foods And Monsanto

Did you get the idea of exactly what this young boy is saying?

  • If you value your health.
  • If you value your environment.
  • If you value your planet.

It is time to get serious about what is going on in the United States regarding Genetically Modified Foods and Monsanto!

Our Children And Our Future Vs. Genetically Modified Foods And Monsanto!

Genetically Modified Foods and Monsanto were winning this battle by a large margin up until recently, but it looks as though the tide has turned.

For the sake of our health AND our future, we can only hope so.

I hope you found this short video post beneficial.  If so, please pass it on!

Any questions or comments regarding GMO’s and Monsanto?  Please leave them below.




The Benefits Of Sustainable Farming

It wasn’t that long ago that the food we were consuming was seasonal, local, and organic.  Boy, how the times have changed!

Optimal health would be much more attainable if our foods were still seasonal, local, and organic.  But, you know what?  Our food still can be!

If we understand the benefits of sustainable farming we will make the effort to get that food on our plate the majority of the time.  And trust me, you body will thank you.

Take a look at the short video below and see the number of ways that these high quality foods can still be in your home.

The Benefits Of Sustainable Farming

Here is a short list of some of the many benefits of sustainable farming:

  • Biodiversity
  • Environment Conscious
  • Consumers Health

Organic farming will look different than that of conventional farming in a number of ways, including:

  • Multiple Crops
  • Crop Rotation
  • Natural Pest Control

If you are interested in the benefits of sustainable farming, go HERE and see how you might begin to attain optimal health with seasonal, local, and organic foods.

Trust me, just a little time and effort will create HUGE returns.

If you have any questions about this video post, please let me know below.

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Sustainable Agriculture Is Healthy For You And Your Planet

At “The Get Healthy Hub” we stress the importance in sustainable farming and food.  It just makes sense… for a number of reasons!

Here are TWO of them:

Sustainable Agriculture Is Healthy For YOU And Your PLANET!

Sustainable Agriculture Is Healthy For You And Your Planet

Sustainable Agriculture Is Healthy For You And Your Planet

Are you interested the in most nutritious foods available?

Are you making an effort to shop local?

Have you developed a relationship with a small local farmer?

Have you visited a Farmers Market lately?

“The Get Healthy Hube” is all about the “Locavore” and “Slow Food” movement.

Have you given it any thought?

Take a quick look at this short video and see some of the basic things you need to know when it comes to prioritizing sustainability (okay, it isn’t Pitt and Streep, but it’s fun and educational):

Sustainable Agriculture Is Healthy For You And Your Planet

Here is a great resource for ALL of your local and high quality food needs:  SHOP LOCAL  (Travel a lot?  These sites can HELP!)

Here is the thing, sustainable agriculture is healthy for you  and your planet.

It is worth the time and effort to get involved!

Have friends that are interested in sustainability?  Please pass this on with a “like.”

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Comments and Questions?






Interested In Organic And Sustainable Farming?

Today, unfortunately, the children of our generation may have NO idea what a real farm looks like.

As factory and industrial farming takes root in the United States “Old MacDonald’s” farm may be a thing of the past.  And that is truly sad!

Or, maybe not!

Interested in organic and sustainable farming?

You might just be in luck!

Many small and family farmers will NOT go down without a fight.

And they want to educate you on how it should be done.

Take a look at this short article and discover how Ohio is giving people (including children) the opportunity to see for themselves how “Old MacDonald” may have done it:

Interested In Organic And Sustainable Farming?

Interested in organic and sustainable farming?

Interested in organic and sustainable farming? Get your child out to see this type of farming before it is too late!

More than a dozen farmers are opening their gates to show people firsthand how food gets from the field to their dinner plate. The free public tours are offered as part of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association’s 2012 Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series.

OEFFA Spokeswoman Lauren Ketcham says the series offers a unique learning opportunity to see, taste, feel and learn what sustainable food and fiber production is all about from the farmers themselves.

“Consumers who are interested in local foods, farmers and market gardeners who want to learn more and network with other farmers, aspiring and beginning farmers, really anyone interested in learning more about the production and marketing techniques of sustainable farmers, are encouraged to attend.”

You can find the entire article HERE

Now this is a movement that needs to gain some momentum!

I love it!!!

When I lived in Texas I visited a handful of small farms that I was purchasing my food from.  It was a great experience and now that I am back in Southern California I need to pick up that practice again.

I would encourage you to do the same.

Either way, if you live in Ohio, do not miss out on these amazing programs.

Interested in Organic and Sustainable Farming?  I am, and I hope you are also.  These farms, in my opinion, are the only thing that give us hope of having a healthy future!

On a side note:  If you do have children, please give them the opportunity to see and experience what a real farm looks like.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

I know, I know… I am “Goo-Goo” over Sustainable Farming.  But I am passionate about the food coming from these farms being the lifeline to the future health of any country!!!

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If you know of any other programs that doing tours of organic and sustainable farms please post them below and I will give them some more exposure on the net.



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