Get Healthy Tip #2: The Impact Of The Technology Era On Proper Nutrition

As you remember, the formula for attaining optimal health is as follows:


Now, what you may not know is that “proper nutrition” MUST be priority number one. As in IT IS #1!

Why? Because without getting high marks on your nutritional regimen optimal health is unattainable.

So here I have the opportunity to speak to you as your nutritionist. Today we discuss the challenge of the technology era and it’s impact on real food.

The second “Health Tip” from THE GET HEALTHY CLUB will help you better understand proper nutrition, which is priority number one when it comes to “getting well” and “staying well.”

Take a look:


So, there you have it, “Health Tip #2″!

Now that you understand the three components of attaining optimal health we will begin to break down each one into smaller and more digestible pieces. This week we learned a basic concept about proper nutrition.

Remember, the “formula” for achieving optimal health might be simple, but the “process” is NOT exactly easy!

But, what else could be more important?

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