Get Healthy Tip #13: Can You Stand It? All About Proper Posture While Standing!

What is the easiest and fastest way to lose two inches on your waist? Add two inches to your height? To look ten years younger and even ten pounds lighter?

Well, it is to simply create perfect posture!

Can You Stand It? All About Proper Posture While Standing!


What does your posture look like? Are you happy with it or did you just say, “ugh!”?

Are you the same height today that you were thirty years ago? (I am, and I can show you why!)

Another benefit of proper posture is being able to move correctly. Does that sound like another benefit that sounds good to you?

Here is a short little video to help you get on the right track when it comes to improving your posture.

Can You Stand It? All About Proper Posture While Standing!


Okay, Health Tip #13! What is your standing posture like? Is this going to help? I hope so!

But remember, proper posture is not a mental thing, it is a physical thing… so if you do not have the strength to hold you in the proper position, you will NOT be successful!

Do you have any interest in developing the strength in the proper areas to help create perfect posture? Can you see the benefit of working with your very own online personal trainer?

If so, that is what “The Get Healthy Club” is all about. Having your very own nutritionist, personal trainer and lifestyle coach at your fingertips will help you attain the health goals that you set for yourself.

This site is all about helping you get healthy and stay healthy with a proactive lifestyle prioritizing nutrition and exercise. Plus, this is real proactive health care and I have priced it in a manner that no one should be left out!

Please let me know if I can help you in anyway.

Comments and questions? Please leave them below!


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