Michael Pollan And His Take On GMO’s!

When it comes to putting the most health food on your table, it is getting really difficult to determine “fact” from “fiction.”

So, let’s spend some time and a few posts in developing a better understanding of the challenges that Genetically Modified Organisms have on our health and our future!

I recently came across a short little video on Michael Pollan and his take on GMO’s.  And,  though the entire video is less than five minutes, I plead with you to at LEAST watch the last minute.

Here is a short little Resume for Michael Pollan:

Author, Journalist, Activist

Professor at UC Berkeley

Author of:  “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” “In Defense Of Food,” and “Food Rules.”

Let’s here what Mr. Pollan has to say about GMO’s and our food supply.

Michael Pollan And His Take On GMO’s!

I hope you “really” listened to what Michael Pollan had to say.  This issue is NOT only impacting your world, but the world of all of those who come after us.

Here is some more information on Genetically Modified Organisms and their impact on your health, your planet, and your future (you can also find some excellent information on the impact of GMO’s on the political and profit making landscape):

The Center For Food Safety

Food Democracy Now

Institute For Responsible Technology

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