Top Ten Food Trends For 2012

Most people like lists, I guess I am no different.

So let’s have some fun!

Below is the “Top Ten Food Trends For 2012” video created by

“The Get Healthy Hub” will also give their top ten trends as well.  Please take a look, as I will also give another wonderful documentary recommendation!

So here is the FoodChannel video:

Top Ten Food Trends For 2012

Since we are in the middle of 2012, some of my list is going to be under the “most hopeful” category, but that is okay, what is life without hope?

Here are The Get Healthy Hub’s Top Ten Food Trends for 2012:

1.  More people are shopping for their food LOCALLY vs. globally.

2.  More people are valuing SLOW food over fast food.

3.  More people are asking themselves how FARM animals are actually treated.

4.  Parents start creating opportunities for their CHILDREN to understand where high quality food actually comes from.

5.  More RESTAURANTS only serve local, organic (sustainable), and seasonal foods.

6.  More people begin to think of the impact the foods they consume have on the SUSTAINABILITY of their planet.

7.  More people begin to CHALLENGE the companies behind big food and big agriculture.

8.  More people begin to treat SMALL FARMERS like rock stars.

9.  FARMERS MARKETS actually become cool, hip, and the thing to be doing.


10.  EVERYBODY begins to understand that the quality of the fuel they put in their body is DIRECTLY related to their short and long term health!

So, what do you think of these two lists?  Any thoughts?

Please share these lists with your friends and loved ones.

A good part of my list was inspired by the documentary “Ingredients.”  I more than recommend it, and once again, you really need to watch the additional scenes within the bonus features.  Very educational!  Two Thumbs Up!!!

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